Cleansing Seminar

The Cleansing Seminar & Retreat

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” –  John 8:36

The Cleansing Seminar will begin February 21, 2:00pm!

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Dr. Timothy Davis, the founder of Cleansing the Church Ministries, has been in full-time ministry since 1979. He is most noted as the author of the Cleansing Seminar and Cleansing Discipleship Seminar that hundreds of congregations around the world are using to minister and disciple their flocks.
Today, the Cleansing Seminar, Cleansing Discipleship Seminar, and the Cleansing Our Youth Seminar continue to be the center of Timothy’s teaching. His anointing to set people free and his passion to train others for the harvest are at the core of his ministry. His church visits and personal ministry are attended by the Holy Spirit with the New Testament expression of miracles, wonders and signs.
Over the past three decades he and his wife, Denise, have had the privilege of ministering Jesus’ freedom to thousands who became bound through rejection, fear, rebellion, sexual sins, and drugs. Today these brothers and sisters are free and attribute their freedom to their participation in the Cleansing Seminar.
Liberty Life is pleased to be a partnering church with Cleansing The Church Ministries, and a host church for a yearly Cleansing Seminar and Retreat. Gary and Linda Smith have been the pastors at Liberty Life Center since 2007 and have been actively involved with The Cleansing Ministries since 1997.
Below is information about the Cleansing Seminar and Retreat that are part of our ministry. Other models of inner healing, cleansing and deliverance are also available at  Liberty Life with a team of qualified and experienced ministers that have found true freedom in Christ and desire to be used by the Lord to bring freedom to others!
Romans 6:19 “I speak in human terms because of the weakness of your flesh.  For just as you presented you member as slaves of uncleanness, and of lawlessness leading to more lawlessness, so now present your member as slaves of righteousness for holiness.”
Jesus died to pay the penalty for the sin of all believers.  When you acknowledge Jesus as savior and repent, you receive this gift.  You are born again to a life in Jesus.  This does not necessarily mean that the struggles of your past life simply disappear.  It says in Romans that you need to “present your members as slaves”.  It will sometimes take work, but in John it says, “if the Son makes you free you shall be free indeed.”  It is possible to live a life without the struggles and sins of the past.  You can be made free through Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Liberty Life would like to help you do these things and receive freedom. You are also welcome to come by Liberty Life Center at 1501 Driftwood Dr. or The Shepherd’s Place at 305 S. Ohio Ave. in Sedalia.
You can be free, let us show you how.

What’s included in your Cleansing Seminar & Retreat registration…

New Participant (Seminar & Retreat) – $85

• 10 teaching sessions, a seminar study guide with daily homework, weekend ministry retreat registration, and a retreat study guide.

Returning Participant (Retreat Alumni)- $45

• All of the above except the Cleansing Seminar study guide. (add $28 for new Seminar book & $10 for new Retreat book)

WHERE: Liberty Life Center Church, 1501 Driftwood Drive, Sedalia

Retreat – May 14-15, 2021

What you can expect… Each of 4 Seminar Sections (Sunday, 2:00-3:30 pm) will consist of: Week 1 – Watch teaching DVD, Week 2 – Additional Teaching by one of our Cleansing the Church Ministry team members & workbook review.

• Alignment – In this session, you will learn how to consistently walk in the Spirit, resulting in a sensitivity to hear God’s voice, experience spiritual protection, and mature spiritually as a believer.

• Consecration – This teaching walks you through simple steps to consistently entrust every area of your life into the hands of God. He must be Lord of your life for your to experience deliverance.

• Words – The Bible teaches that we are in bondage because of the words of our own lips. In essence, we have cursed ourselves! During this third portion of our seminar, we learn how to dismantle these curses.

• Cleansing – Jesus has come to set the captives free! The focus of this session is to bring clarity to the topic of deliverance. You will be able to identify the areas of your soul where you have given the enemy a foothold and the right to bring torment to your daily life.

• Cleansing Seminar Retreat – After making the Cleansing Seminar’s biblical truths a lifestyle, you are prepared to experience the supernatural ministry of deliverance. The session is a weekend ministry retreat where we invite the Holy Spirit to demonstrate his Love and power to minister freedom from bondage to rejection, fear, rebellion, sexual sins, drugs, and more!

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